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Whitney Houston

(Drug Addiction Cocaine Crack Rehab)

Whitney Houston has long been one of the original divas of pop music and her tale of misery and woes during the past two decades have been well-documented. She is reported to have started smoking marijuana when she was in high school and continued throughout her early career.


Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston sold millions of albums and records and though her success was at the highest level, she was never able to get rid of the demons that have haunted her since those early years.

Whitney Houston's descent

Watching Whitney Houston's life unfold over the years has been very similar to watching a train derail at high speeds, but in slow-motion. The world began to notice her deterioration in the middle of the 1990s, shortly after she married R&B singer Bobby Brown.

There has been an enormous amount of speculation that her marriage to Bobby Brown was the ultimate tipping point and under his alleged abuses and behaviors, she easily stumbled down the proverbial rabbit hole into a world of chaos and self destruction.

Greatest Love of All ...

One of the most visible signs of Whitney Houston's rampant drug use has been the deterioration of her once gorgeous appearance. She now looks haggard, tired, and old. Another factor that one can point to as evidence of the ravaging effects of drug use on her is from her voice.

A YouTube video from one of her concerts in 2009 showed Whitney Houston singing one of her trademark songs and struggling to reach some of the more attainable notes. To those in the audience, and witnesses on YouTube, who have a sense of musical integrity were most likely cringing from the horror of that moment.

Reported drug use

Whitney has repeatedly denied that she is addicted to drugs and has even publicly denied that she takes drugs of any kind, but friends and witnesses have seen the evidence that is left behind after her regular binges. There have been reports of cocaine-caked spoons, cigarette butts all over, needles, and more paraphernalia found all over her bathroom. She has been in denial for many years and has repeatedly refused to seek help to overcome her addictions (although she has had several stints in rehab).

One of the most important steps in recovery is accepting that you have a problem (and apparently going into rehab didn't drive this home). Until that happens, then there is nothing that anyone can do to help you overcome a drug addiction. When Whitney Houston finally left Bobby Brown and aimed to re-launch her career, it seemed as though she was finally making the move to take back control of her life. However, that dream for many of her fans appears to have been just that … a dream.

I Will Always Love You ...

Rumors have surfaced recently that Whitney is spending nearly $6,000 a day on cocaine and other drugs. One party promoter who witnessed her destructive behavior recently stated that he would not be surprised if Whitney Houston lost her life and her battle with addiction within a matter of months from the amount of drugs she was consuming.

It's a tragic tale, but one that seems to repeat itself with celebrities over and over again. Sometimes famous people along with the less famous need to serve several visits to rehab before they can become clean and sober for good.


Whitney Houston died Saturday February 11, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California at 48 years old. She died at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Her cause of death has been officially listed as an accidental drowning in her bathtub with heart disease and cocaine being contributing factors.

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