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Famous Steroid Users
(both alleged and proven)

There's cases where an athlete can appear so amazingly talented that one can only wonder what they have fueling their body to make them perform so well. Often, it's pure talent and hard work, but sometimes it's a little bit more. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs have caused the destruction of several athlete's lucrative careers, and while baseball tends to be the sport that tops the list for PED use, other sports are also becoming victims of the nefarious trend.

Lance Armstrong

The speculation of how much influence the drug had in the baseball world led to a twenty one month investigation of Major League Baseball, and the resulting report named eighty nine MLB players who were suspected of using steroids.

Although he has never accepted the allegations, Roger Clemens' name was stated over 80 times in the Mitchell Report. Even Jose Canseco names Clemens as a known steroid user in his book, and the claims have destroyed the career of the once famed Red Sox and Yankees pitcher. Several charities have removed his sponsorship, and his Hall of Fame future is jeopardized.

Another victim of Canseco's allegations, Mark McGwire became known to everyone in 1998, when he set the MLB home run record. Although he hasn't admitted to steroid use, he did refuse to answer related questions during his testimony at the House Government Reform Committee. Despite the lack of definitive proof of drug use, McGwire's reputation has suffered immensely, as he received less than a quarter of the popular vote for Hall of Fame Eligibility.

Marion Jones

While baseball has seen its share of alleged performance enhancing drug use, athletes in other sports are just as vulnerable. For example, two time heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit's life was ultimately destroyed due to the use of steroids. When the former ECW, WWE, and WCW wrestler was found dead in a murder-suicide along with his family, the coroner found elevated levels of testosterone, thought to be part of a treatment plan treating deficiencies caused by multiples years of steroid use.

Steroid use is not seen in only male athletes, either. Marion Jones, who is one of the most well-known female track stars, finally admitted to the use of steroids in 2007. She spent most of her career dodging the allegations, especially when her ex-husband tested positive numerous times. After her admission of use, she was stripped of all five Olympic medals and sentenced to prison time and community service.

Alex Rodriguez

In the world of professional cycling, Lance Armstrong was a household name. Despite being well respected and decorated, Armstrong spent the second half of his career denying allegations. Finally, in 2013, Armstrong confessed to using banned performance enhancers during all of his seven Tour de France wins. Armstrong's career was ultimately destroyed, and more ramifications of his drug use are yet to be discovered. Armstrong is fighting to avoid paying back millions in prize money that he won during his cycling days.

List of Famous Steroid Users - Both Alleged and Proven

  Lance Armstrong
Chris Benoit
Barry Bonds
Bret Boone
Ryan Braun
Kevin Brown
Ken Caminiti
Jose Canseco
Roger Clemens
Eric Gagne
Jason Giambi
Juan Gonzalez
Ben Johnson
Marion Jones
Wally Joyner
David Justice
Floyd Landis
Mark McGwire
Shawne Merriman
David Ortiz
Rafael Palmeiro
Andy Pettitte
Mike Piazza
Manny Ramirez
Alex Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gary Sheffield
Sammy Sosa
Miguel Tejada
Mo Vaughn

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