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Robin Williams' Addictions

Robin Williams is a hilarious and talented comedian and actor known for many of his comedic roles that he has played throughout the years. While we all view him as the funny guy, he has gone through a lot of troublesome times. One difficult time that a large number of people can relate to is his struggle with addictions.

Robin Williams

Around the 1970s and 1980s, Robin Williams found himself addicted to cocaine. A large number of people with addictions know just how tough a drug like this is to beat. It is disastrous on many levels, which is something that Williams learned firsthand. Robin did not stop because of his own health, but partially because of the death of his good friend, John Belushi.

Belushi, also a famous actor, known for being an original member of the SNL cast, died at the young age of 33 due to a mixture of drugs that he had been taking. This concoction of drugs is called a speedball. Along with this tragic circumstance, Williams was welcoming the birth of his first child, Zachary. These two events together prompted him to seek out help and quit.

Court Retort ...

Before being able to quit, Williams's addiction affected his daily life and even ended up with him appearing in court at times. Due to the influence of his son and the huge loss of his friend, Williams did find the will to give up cocaine and become sober. As you should know, he succeeded and overcame this cocaine addiction and he has been sober since. However, there were instances where he did have some trouble with alcohol.

Robin Williams on a Night Out

In 2006, Williams found himself going to an addiction treatment center once again, this time not for cocaine. Williams began going for his addiction to alcohol. He had admitted that he had issues and wanted them fixed. He wanted to continue in good health and he wanted to make sure that his family was not hurt due to these addictions.

One of the biggest reasons for him to seek out assistance for his addictions was overall awareness. Everything was telling him that it had gone too far, and he wanted to take an active role in his life to stop it. Robin was aware of the dangers due to the death of his friend, he was aware of the troubles that it would cause once his son was born, and he was aware of the negative impact that it would have on his life as a whole.

Use the Force, Luke ...

He wanted to take a more active approach to his own life and he wanted to know what was happening around him. He found the strength to quit because there was both an internal and external forces driving him.

Williams is continuing with sobriety and is in overall good health. While he has had medical issues (like everyone else), he has not been having problems related to his addictions. He is continuing a clean and healthy life for himself as well as for his family.

Robin Williams knows of the important role that he plays in their lives, which is why he wanted to be there for them in the first place.

Update August 11, 2014 - According to the San Jose Mercury News, Robin Williams died today and the probable cause is suicide by asphyxiation. Williams had recently checked into a rehab center.

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