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Philip Seymour Hoffman

One of the most celebrated actors of the past twenty years, Philip Seymour Hoffman apparently could not overcome his addiction to heroin which took his life on February 1st, 2014. His body was discovered in his Greenwich Village apartment with what authorities said was a needle sticking out from his arm.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Although the actual cause of Hoffman's death will need to wait for a toxicology result, it is being assumed by the authorities that he died of a drug overdose.

Hoffman apparently died the night before his body was discovered. A friend of his called the police when Hoffman was supposed to meet someone the next morning. Authorities then entered his apartment where they found his body. Hoffman is survived by his partner and their three children.

The Reaction to Hoffman's Death

The news of Hoffman's death created shockwaves around the world as he was a well known and respected actor. Tributes from friends and fellow actors filled the social media scene within minutes of the news being announced.

While Hoffman's death was certainly a tragedy, he was well-known for struggling with drugs in his past. In May of 2013, Hoffman had completed a 10 day substance abuse program after being clean for 23 years. If the circumstances of Hoffman's death are confirmed, it would mean that he fell off the wagon again which cost him his life.

The Career of Philip Seymour Hoffman

From his early appearances in "Scent of a Woman", Hoffman did not feature the looks of a matinee idol, but his talent was readily apparent especially in supporting roles where he played a series of unforgettable characters. His breakthrough role was actually a small one in "Boogie Nights", but it made a powerful enough impression to help launch Hoffman into bigger roles.

His stage and screen acting ability were considered some of the best works in the past two decades. Hoffman was honored with four Academy Award nominations and won for his role as Truman Capote in "Capote". His ability to disappear into a character along with his talent and professionalism helped garner Hoffman a stellar reputation.

Drug Addiction and Death

Hoffman famously spoke with "60 Minutes" in 2006 about his drug addiction problem, one that plagued him in his early years before going sober for 23 years. However, something had changed in Hoffman in 2013 because he fell off the wagon and was admitted to a rehab facility. Apparently, Hoffman succumbed to the lure of heroin again which led to the purchase of the substance which may have caused his death.

In circumstances similar to Amy Winehouse, an English singer who had struggled with drugs and alcohol before her untimely death due to the alcohol poisoning after a period of sobriety, the death of Hoffman was shocking, but perhaps not so surprising given what was known about his past.

His final days were actually ones filled with working as he was preparing to appear in a Showtime comedy series called "Happyish" about a middle-age man in full pursuit of happiness. The loss of Hoffman will be felt for years to come as his talent and personality will be missed.

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