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Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien is a well known sportscaster and television personality who is arguably best known for his work on Access Hollywood and The Insider. However, as prominently known as he is for his career, it has been his addictions which have garnered the most news in recent years.

Pat O'Brien

O'Brien had already admitted an addiction to alcohol from which he is currently in recovery, but his recently released book, "I'll Be Right Back After This" revealed a number of new addictions and incredible tales that have caught many people by surprise.

The History of Pat O'Brien's Addictions

O'Brien's well documented recovery from alcohol addiction turned out to be merely one in a series of addictions that he has suffered from over the years. In the late 1970s when O'Brien was first making a name for himself as a news reporter in Hollywood, he confessed to having a cocaine addiction which actually helped him through his work.

Cocaine followed by drinking was his daily fuel that got him through his stories and as he reports, O'Brien never missed a day at work. He managed his cocaine habit until it got out of control when doing a story in Bogota, Columbia about cocaine trafficking.

By the early 1980's, O'Brien's cocaine habit was more than getting the best of him, especially when combined with alcohol. It all came to a head at the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela when he got into a fight with John Tesh, a fellow reporter at the time.

The violent fight culminated in O'Brien deciding to quit his cocaine habit for good, and he managed to stay off Coke for another 20 years. However, in compensation his alcohol addiction became even worse as his personal life was falling apart. By 2004, O'Brien had left his wife and was making a name for himself as someone who made a fool of himself at parties.

In 2005, O'Brien managed to get tossed out of Donald Trump's wedding after getting intoxicated. However, the event that would seal his fate was a bizarre audio message he left on a female friend's voicemail. Clearly drunk, O'Brien declared his desire to go crazy and get some "hookers and cocaine". The result was a year of sobriety that collapsed quickly when he started to drink once again.

His drinking went on unabated for another three years until the death of Heath Ledger. Ledger had sat in several 12 step meeting sessions with O'Brien and his death was the straw which finally led to him becoming sober. The revelation occurred just in time as O'Brien's own health had been deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Since that time, O'Brien has remained sober and his new book detailing his experiences reveals a man who fell under the influence of alcohol and could not really recover until he was near the point of death.

Today, O'Brien wants to share what he went through to show others how far someone could fall and still recover from their addictions. There is little doubt that O'Brien still has a ways to go, but the 66 year old has kept to the straight and narrow for a remarkable six years.

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