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Famous Mushroom Users

There are mushrooms that go good with your salad or hamburger and then there are the mushrooms that will take you on a magic carpet ride. Also known as "shrooms", these mushrooms possess hallucinogenic qualities that cause people to see and hear things that are not there. This outside-the-body experience is nothing new as many people over the centuries have eaten these particularly types of mushrooms to achieve this effect.

Timothy Leary

In recent years, a number of notable people have experimented with mushrooms to expand their own personal horizons. Each of them has achieved fame in their own way but how their use of mushrooms played a role in expanding their point of view remains to be seen.

Timothy Leary

Certainly one of the biggest proponents of consuming magic mushrooms, Timothy Leary also used LSD as well. He conducted studies on the use of the mushrooms noting their effects on his own mind and body. Leary also experimented with marijuana, heroin and nitrous oxide as well. Leary was one of the most controversial figures in his promoting these types of drugs on the human body. In the end, he asked that his own death be videotaped as well.

Terrance McKenna

McKenna was truly a remarkable figure in that he seemingly experimented with virtually every hallucinogenic drug. Mushrooms were certainly a main focus of his experiments and he is considered a renaissance-type figure in the field of psycho-stimulants. McKenna believed that ingesting mushrooms was not only wonderful, but that they were also responsible in large part for the evolution of the human species over the past 200,000 to 300,000 years. His beliefs, in terms of human evolution, have yet to be proven. McKenna passed away in 2000 from a brain tumor.

Professor Albert Hofmann

Hofmann is arguably most famous for synthesizing LSD-25, which helped establish the drug in the popular culture. He also extracted the psilocybin from mushroom grown in Mexico and proclaimed their incredible power to alter the mental state. Hofmann remains a central figure in the promotion of magic mushrooms and their effect on the mind.

R. Gordon Wasson

Wasson was previously known for being a vice president of the JP Morgan Bank. However, he took up an intense study of mushrooms and their unique properties. His journeys to Mexico and South America were written down along with his experiences in consuming the fungi. His intense interest and journals helped push the notion of mushrooms becoming more mainstream in their use. However, he was later disappointed as the 60s culture embraced mushrooms for reasons outside of his own liking.

John Lennon

In addition to Wasson, there are other famous people who have indulged in the use of mushrooms, including John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Sting, Henry Luce who founded Time Magazine and modern celebrities as well, including Paris Hilton.

The power of mushrooms is still pervasive in the culture today, albeit perhaps not with the kind of attention or study that it had in the past. Still, the magic mushroom does have its followers and those who believe in its unique properties.

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