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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has always been a larger than life character from the very early days of his boxing career. His notoriety has earned him many accolades from his fans and has also gotten him into a lot of trouble with the law.

Mike Tyson used drugs during some of his fights

With all of the speculation going around about Iron Mike, his life and his troubles, it's hard to know what's true and what isn't even if you have heard it from the man himself.

From his alleged abusive behavior in the 90's to his addictions in the new millennium, Mike Tyson has always kept himself in the public eye for the wrong reasons. Even when he denied having any addiction troubles, the press, his fans and those closest to him could see through it all. The drugs and alcohol that had a hold on Mike clouded his judgment and made him feel as invincible out of the ring as he was in it.

Mike Tyson finally admitted that he had a drug and alcohol problem and sought treatment for his addictions to the relief of his fans and the chagrin of those who didn't like him. It seemed for so long that the treatment had an effect and that good old Iron Mike was back, better than ever. His fans rejoiced, Hollywood movie roles and television spots rolled in and his world seemed at peace again. Still, something wasn't quite right.

The drugs and alcohol that took over his life once before seemed to be back with a vengeance. As vehemently as he could, Mike Tyson refused the idea and vowed that he was enjoying a sober lifestyle. His abnormal behavior in public and on talk shows was just him "having fun" he said.

As many of us who have had a friend or loved one suffer from an addiction, we knew differently. We could see the tell-tale signs and so could the media. Mike, or rather the drugs and alcohol, lashed out at his accusers, defending his actions as normal and just him being himself.

In 2013 Tyson admitted to having addictions to cocaine and marijuana. He also admitted to being high on drugs during some of his heavyweight fights. Tyson said he used a "fake penis" filled with someone else's urine to escape detection. He says as a baby he was given alcohol and at 11-years-old he tried cocaine for the first time.

In 2014, Mike Tyson had stated that he and Robin Williams had a bond in that they both shared the same "low life" drug dealer. In addition, Tyson said he and Williams went to some of the same sobriety meetings together and confided in each other.

It is still not clear what caused Tyson's renewed efforts to rid himself of his addictions once again, but it seems that he is on the road to sobriety and maybe this time it will be for good.

All types of people can be taken down by an addiction and addiction doesn't care if you're a famous athlete or a soccer mom. It can take hold of anyone, any time and the signs must be seen right away so people can get the help they need. Mike Tyson got the help he needed and he is now on the path to helping others through his example.

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