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Michael Jackson

Prescription Drug Addiction

Michael Jackson lived his life in the limelight from almost as early as he could walk. His tumultuous relationship with his father has been well documented as has his addiction to drugs and prescription pain medication.

Michael Jackson Addiction
Michael Jackson

Currently, his personal physician is on trial in court for crimes related to Michael Jackson's addiction to pain medication as well as his practically insatiable appetite for sleep aides, which ultimately led to his death.

Understanding the life that Michael Jackson led would lead one to easily surmise that he started using drugs and alcohol early in life, probably, as seems to be so commonly reported among other child stars, even well before he reach maturity and the legal age to drink. However, Michael Jackson's life has been secretive throughout his childhood and well into his adult life. From most accounts, he didn't stray into the world of traditional drugs and alcohol to hide from emotional scars, stress about performances, or other general reasons.

En Fuego Pepsi Commercial ...

The first known trigger that one can find for Michael Jackson's drug use can be traced back to the infamous commercial shoot for Pepsi in which a pyrotechnic malfunction caused his hair to catch fire, leading to an extended stay in the hospital. Severe burns to any part of the body are extremely painful and often require medication to help subdue the pain. It is at this moment in his life where it is believed he began his addiction to prescription medications.

Burns to the scalp are extremely painful and due to the proximity of the injury to the brain, it requires a careful balance of medication to alleviate the symptoms. Over time, however, the body builds up immunity to the pain medication and thus requires more.

In the years afterward ...

As the years passed, Michael Jackson began to rely on stronger and stronger medications as his body built up immunity to them. The pain could have remained throughout these years, or it could have dissipated, but the brain becomes reliant on the medication to relax, to soothe itself, and sometimes even to sleep. Demerol is reported to have become the drug of choice for Michael Jackson during those years.

Throughout the 1990s, Michael Jackson's life became even more bizarre and troubling, with allegations and even a trial accusing him of child molestation. Acquitted of the charges, Michael Jackson was still guilty in the eyes of a vast majority of the public.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night ...

After his sudden death due to illegal ingestion of the powerful sleep agent, Propofol, stories and reports from his personal assistants and bodyguards through the years surfaced to highlight a progression from one drug to the next, more powerful one. Most of these prescription drugs were aimed at helping the King of Pop sleep, though it is unclear whether they were taken for other reasons as well, such as trying to relax.

Michael Jackson's life and death have been kept relatively private affairs, but if there is one thing to be taken from the story of his life, it is that, no matter whom the person is, someone should stand up and let family, friends, and even authorities know that he or she is suffering from addiction.

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