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Famous & Celebrity
Meth Addicts

Famous meth addicts and celebrity crystal methamphetamine users go back decades and the diversity of those using is broad. To begin with, Charlie Parker was an early pioneer of jazz and blues. On the other end of the spectrum is the French intellectual and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Celebrity Meth Addicts

Like many performers, Charlie Parker used meth to help him with his grueling schedule of performances. Sartre also used methamphetamines to help him keep pace with his writing schedule. Famous meth addicts on our list also include other entertainers as well as world leaders as well as infamous scoundrels.

Fergie (pictured above) from the Black Eyed Peas has acknowledged a long struggle with addiction to crystal meth. The King, Elvis Presley also is a celebrity meth addict who used this drug (among a long list) to help him with his hectic performance schedule. It's no secret that Johnny Cash used meth along with other drugs to help him "walk the line".

Wizard of Buzz ...

What you may not know is that Judy Garland, who starred as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was also given amphetamines by her handlers to help her keep up with her performing schedule. She was also given barbiturates in order to bring her down and help her sleep at night.

Two celebrity actors on our list who were either meth addicts or users are Jodie Sweetin of sitcom Full House and Ryan O'Neal from Love Story. Sweetin has admitted to being a famous meth addict and O'Neal was arrested for possession but made no further comments.

Ryan O'Neal

Three other famous methamphetamine addicts on the list are John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. Kennedy took several different drugs over time for Addison's disease, back pain and other ailments. The New York Times quotes a doctor treating Kennedy who warned him about amphetamines and said, "No President with his finger on the red button has any business taking stuff like that."

Springtime for Hitler ...

Hitler had a whole host of physical ailments that have been debated in the medical community. It is a widely held belief, however that he was a notoriously famous meth addict. Another notorious and infamous meth addict is Charles Manson.

Manson took meth, LSD, mushrooms and other drugs and passed them out to his followers as well. Other contemporary celebrity meth addicts and users include Heidi Fleiss, Joey Kovar, Kari Ann Peniche, Mike Starr, Eddie Van Halen, Yasmine Bleeth, and Robert Downey, Jr.

As on the other pages, this is just a short list of famous meth addicts and celebrities who have used and abused methamphetamines. There are many more who haven't yet made the headline news cycle yet.

Famous Meth Addicts

From Left to Right: John F. Kennedy, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler

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