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Mel Gibson

Raging Alcoholic, Bipolar, Mad Max or What

Is Mel Gibson an alcoholic? If so is Mel Gibson's alcoholism to blame for his tirades in recent years against particular races or women? In a documentary called "Acting Class of 1977" Mel Gibson is quoted as saying that he has been diagnosed with biopolar disorder.

Mel Gibson Alcoholic
Mel Gibson

It's well known at drug and alcohol rehab centers that patients often present with not only substance abuse problems but other mental health disorders as well. Depression is one of the most common presenting conditions.

Bipolar disorder which used to be called "manic depression" is also a common mental health issue seen by doctors and other specialists at drug and alcohol rehab centers. In 2006, Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI on Pacific Coast Highway with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12-percent (California's legal limit is 0.08-percent).

During this incident Mel Gibson was reported to have made disparaging remarks against Jewish people and women. Gibson later apologized for his comments and entered an alcohol-abuse rehab clinic where he spent 3 months in recovery.

Insult and Assault ...

In 2010, there was a tape that surfaced of Mel Gibson making racial slurs, rants against women and other minority groups. And, then there is the alleged assault on his pregnant girlfriend that has the public abuzz.

Now, it's difficult to think of Mel Gibson as Braveheart at moments like this and much easier to think of him like Mad Max instead. But, the truth may be closer to Passion of the Christ.

Mel Gibson the alcoholic is well documented. And alcoholism is a devastating disease that causes people to do many actions they would not normally do. But, if the reports are true that Mel Gibson has bipolar disorder as well, and this is untreated, then this will explain a lot in regard to his current, out of control behavior and comments.

Wish Upon a Falling Star ...

While many people like to wish upon a Falling Star in order that they may feel better about themselves or humanize celebrities a bit, it is also wise to have compassion for those who are struggling in life, even the successful, famous millionaires that many people envy.

Mel Gibson's alcoholism may only be part of the bigger picture and the sooner he gets into a quality rehab program that treats all phases of mental health issues, the better.

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