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Famous Marijuana Addicts and Users

Let's face it, marijuana doesn't have the same buzz (humor intended) that it used to have. California is on the brink of legalizing the illicit drug and a number of states have weakened the laws regarding possession of pot.

Famous Marijuana Addicts and Users
Snoop Lion (left) and Ralph Nader (right)

But, yet addiction is addiction and usage can lead to addiction. Whether it's alcohol, nicotine, food or marijuana, celebrities and other famous people do become addicts. Others are just casual or recreational users. It's true that many people experiment with marijuana when in high school or college. This is true for celebrities and other famous types as well. The point of this page is not to list the celebrities or famous notables to put them up to ridicule, but rather to say, yes, even the rich and super rich do it, too.

Some of the people on the list are full blown addicts, others are casual users, and still others have taken a toke or two but "didn't inhale". Some of the famous people and celebrities on this marijuana addict and user list you'll be familiar with and some will surprise you. So, peruse away and see what you think.

The List


Amanda Bynes
Snoop Dogg
David Crosby
Bill Clinton
Louis Armstrong
The Beatles
John Belushi
Peter Fonda
Ben Franklin
Jerry Garcia
Art Garfunkel
Paul Simon
Al Gore

Tipper Gore
Woody Harrelson
Dennis Hopper
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Jefferson
Steve Jobs
Timothy Leary
James Madison
Bob Marley
Joni Mitchell
Jim Morrison
Brad Pitt
Ralph Nader
Willie Nelson
Jack Nicholson
Franklin Pierce
Prince Harry
Carl Sagan
Susan Sarandon
William Shakespeare
Jesse Ventura
Dionne Warwick
George Washington
Michael Phelps
Angelina Jolie

This is just the short list of famous & celebrity marijuana addicts and users. There are indeed many more who have tried pot and some who have been addicted but it's gone undetected. Others use recreationally without the usage turning into a full blow addiction.

If you know of any others who need to be on this list, please send them in along with the website reference, so that we can check it out. If the celebrity or other famous type needs to be on this marijuana addicts and users list, they will be.

Of course, legalizing medical marijuana in all 50 states is a hot topic right now, but that is for a different discussion altogether.

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