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Mackenzie Phillips

Laura Mackenzie Phillips is an American singer and actress that gained most of her fame for her roles in films such as in American Graffiti and playing Julie Cooper on the sitcom One Day at a Time. In more recent times, Phillips is known for her role on the Disney Channel science fiction show "So Weird".

Mackenzie Phillips

In September 2009, Phillips released a memoir called "High on Arrival". She appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show for an hour-long interview. On the show, Phillips revealed that her first experience with cocaine was at the age of 11.

She claimed that her father was a heavy drug user and that he injected her with cocaine. From that point on, a harrowing string of drug abuse would trouble Phillips' entire life.

In August 27th of 2008, she was arrested by the Los Angeles Airport Police on charges of possession of cocaine and heroin after being caught by airport security screening. On Halloween of 2008, Phillips pleaded guilty to one felony count of cocaine possession and was sentenced to a drug rehabilitation program. Phillips drug case ultimately got dismissed after she successfully completed a drug diversion program.

Phillips battles with addiction, while not life ending, have definitely made their mark on her life in more ways than one. Drug addiction got Phillips fired from her TV series One Day At A Time twice. Phillips attempted and was successful at staying clean for nearly 10 years before prescribed painkillers, which slowly caused her to descend into a heroin addiction that had her shooting up with the drug almost every twenty minutes, shattered the sobriety.

According to Phillips, her drug addiction was, in some part, rooted in her early incestuous relationship with her father (John Phillips who was leader of the band, the Mamas and the Papas). Phillips told Oprah Winfrey that te relationship began when she was 18 years old, when she was passed out from drugs and her father was under the influence of heavy narcotics. For the next 10 years Phillips said she continued to have sex with her father.

The 1980's would be a hazy torrent of forgotten nights that would end with her waking from blackouts to find her pants around her ankles and her father sleeping beside her. It didn't happen every single day or week, but it happened enough times to be called frequent.

By the time Phillips was 29, the relationship she had with her father had become consensual. She was aware that it was wrong, but compared the situation to Stockholm syndrome, when one becomes infatuated with their captor as a means of coping. She had an adjoining room with her father and rarely went to her own at night, often waking up from a drug induced stupor to find her in bed next to him.

According to Phillips, the incestuous relationship continued until she became pregnant with a child for whom she could not identify a father. Phillips remarked that she tried to box it away and deny its existence, but after 30 years, the gravity of what she had been doing simply became too heavy to bear.

Mackenzie Phillips' intimate relationship with her father came to an end and she realized that staying sober as a way of asserting herself against his influence.

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