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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was found dead shortly before 9 a.m. on April 8th, his body in a greenhouse above the garage of his Seattle home. There was a 20-gauge shotgun upon his chest, which the 27-year old songwriter and guitarist used to end his life.

Kurt Cobain

Before the discovery of his body, Cobain had been missing for six days previous. The discovery was owed to an electrician that had been installing a security system in his home. Though a private investigation by the police and a good amount of friends had been on his trail, the body had been laying on the floor of the home for over two days before its eventual discovery.

An autopsy report revealed an extremely high quantity of heroin in his blood, as well as traces of Valium. Because of the severity of the nature of his death, Cobain was only recognizable by his fingerprints.

During Cobain's final days, he had become increasingly hard to reach out to for friends and family alike. He had become reclusive and moody, and balancing out his general detachment from people was an increasing dependence on mind-altering substances. Cobain had not called or communicated with anyone, dedicating a substantial amount of his time to nothing more than fueling his own addiction.

The drug use was not something that had started closely to the time of Cobain's death. Friends and family had been concerned about Cobain's chronic drug use for years. Though they had attempted to get Cobain professional help, due to his resistance to help, most attempts were largely futile.

Eight days after Cobain returned to Seattle from Rome to recover from a failed suspected suicide attempt in March, friends and family decided that it was time for more extreme measures. Domestic disputes and riffs between Cobain and his band provided mounting evidence that Cobain's addiction to drugs and mental down spiral were accelerating.

On March 18th, a domestic dispute spiraled out of control when the police received a call from Courtney Love. She told the police that Cobain had locked himself in a room with a .38-caliber revolver and was determined to kill himself. The officers were able to confiscate the gun along with three others, as well as a container of unidentified pills.

Cobain's wife Love, along with other family members and band mates, attempted to set up several interventions to attempt swaying the tide of Cobain's concerning social decline. According to Steven Chatoff, executive director of Anacapa by Sea, Cobain was in serious denial about his using habits and the situation was incredibly chaotic. Cobain at one point was tipped of about an imminent intervention, after which Chatoff's services were no longer provided.

As part of particularly heated intervention, Love threatened to leave Cobain if he wouldn't check into rehab. Smear and Novoselic also threatened to break up the band if Cobain wouldn't start taking rehab more seriously.

While the aftermath of that intervention did result in a short recording session, Cobain's descent into self-destructive madness could not be completely swayed. He spent two days in a small clinic before calling Love to say he loved her, the last words he spoke to his wife before killing himself.

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