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Kirstie Alley's Addiction

If recent interviews are any indication, Kirstie Alley suffered from a more serious cocaine addiction than anyone was aware of at the time. She was worried about overdosing, as her use and abuse went from weekends to three and four-day "weekends", and beyond.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie has admitted that she did so much cocaine, every time she did use it that she would sit and take her pulse, worried that she was dying. She even now finds it unbelievable that she would continue to use coke after feelings like that. But she still kept on abusing the drug. She understands now how addictive these drugs can be.

At some point in this story, a friend of hers sent her a book that dealt with Scientology. She gives the book credit for helping her to overcome her addiction. Now she talks freely about alcohol and drugs and the problems they created for her in her life. She wants to help other people who have not yet overcome the addictions they face.

When Alley was hooked on cocaine, it not only almost destroyed her career, but it could have killed her, as well. Now she speaks internationally for Narconon Chilocco, where she is able to give people real life experiences about dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol. The rehabilitation facility for Narconon Chilocco is just 60 miles away from her own home in Kansas, close to the Oklahoma state border.

Indian Giver ...

The work she does with the group allows her to help people through which she sees her former life. Drugs were responsible for nearly ruining her life over 10 years ago. Alley is working in an area of the US west now, helping Native Americans who have problems with drugs and alcohol. She is especially sensitive to the problems in this area, because she grew up admiring the Native American culture.

Some of the people that Alley knows have been through various drug rehabilitation programs two times or more. She is happy that the program she works in now will help people who otherwise might be in and out of rehab programs without having their addictions under control or defeated. She uses her own experience to help others in becoming drug-free and in learning how to function properly in the world.

Designer Drugs ...

When Alley worked in Wichita as an interior designer years ago, she admits that she was a "druggie", and that her life was not going well at all. She called in "sick" when in actuality all she wanted to do was to stay home and "do coke". The Narconon program saved her and put her on the road to what would become a profitable acting career.

When Alley came in 1979 to Los Angeles, she went to Narconon's detox center there. After she went through this program, she said that the difference between it and other programs with similar goals was just like "night and day". She completed the program and has never since desired to use any drug.

After Alley became drug-free, she was able to entertain her goals of becoming an actress. Being off drugs helped to give her the career she wanted. Now she is grateful to give back, so that other people can reach their individual goals, as well.

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