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Keith Urban

The music history books are filled with stories of the tragic endings of Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon, Sid Vicious and Amy Winehouse. Just a short time ago fans, family and friends were worried that American Idol judge and country music legend Keith Urban was headed the way of other troubled musicians with his addiction to cocaine and alcohol. But the country singer is now in his seventh year in sobriety. After several attempts at rehab, just what is the secret to him beating his addiction?

Keith Urban

Keith is very open about crediting the support of his wife Nicole Kidman for helping him battle his personal demons. The couple met in 2005 and secretly dated before tying the knot in the summer of 2006. Just four months into their marriage, a worried Kidman with the help of family and friends staged an intervention to persuade the country star to return to rehab.

Despite his fear that a stay in rehab may cause him to lose his new wife and end his new marriage, Urban recognized he had gone off the rails and went straight into a 90 day stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, cancelling commitments and part of a scheduled tour but he hasn't looked back since.

Faith During Sunday ...

He is quoted as saying that after that rehab stay, this time sobriety feels different thanks to the love and support he received and is still enjoying from his wife and two daughters, Sunday Rose aged four and Faith Margaret who is almost two. It hasn't all been plain sailing with both Urban and Kidman juggling to maintain their very successful careers with family life and conception problems when trying for a second child, meaning that they had Faith born via a surrogate.

However Urban is seen as being a very hands-on dad, taking a great satisfaction from fatherhood. He admits he leads a healthier lifestyle than ever before, with the physical demands of gigs helping him to keep in a fit enough condition to thoroughly enjoy playtime with the girls. Although his gig schedule does sometimes cause him a lack of sleep with having active children who can be up and ready to play at 6am.

Bourbon Cowboy ...

Keith Urban has sold over 12 million copies of his albums and he dedicated one album to his wife with an open letter of thanks for the love she has helped him to experience and reciprocate, their family and that she makes him to improve himself. Urban recognizes that you cannot change for a person but admits feeling the degree of love and support was something he had never experienced before and it was that which filled the hole he previously filled by cocaine, drugs and alcohol.

Urban and Kidman live with their children in Nashville, where they can enjoy a quieter life with the relatively normal tasks of grocery shopping, play dates, church and hiking, away from the glitz, glamor and paparazzi of a Hollywood lifestyle. The couple has chosen a private and more peaceful existence to appreciate their family unit.

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