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Famous Prescription Drug Addicts

While some of the rich and famous celebrities around the world are known for dealing with the pressures of stardom with drugs and alcohol, there have also been plenty who have been hooked on prescription medication as well. Some of these addictions took place for years, right under the noses of the celebrities' doctors (or even with their physicians' help).


Michael Jackson

Rush Limbaugh is the first example of a celebrity prescription drug addict. This popular conservative talk radio host was charged with receiving a shipment of Oxycodon (an opioid used for pain) illegally and he had to admit he had been hooked on the prescription medication for years. He finally needed to enter a drug rehabilitation center to receive treatment for the addiction.

Chevy Chase is another example on our list of famous prescription drug addicts. This inventive comedian from the original cast of "Saturday Night Live" spent decades fighting against his addiction to prescription painkillers. He originally planned to use the painkillers to relieve the pain in his back from his famous pratfalls. But finally he could not stop taking the pills and regularly checked himself into the Betty Ford drug rehab center for help.

Chevy Chase

Another famous celebrity on the list addicted to prescription painkillers was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. After the infamous accident in 1984 where Jackson's hair caught on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial, Jackson started taking painkillers. Then in 1993 Jackson hurt his back when rehearsing for tour and became addicted to Demerol.

The King and I ...

Long before the King of Pop was destroying himself with a prescription drug addiction, so was the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. Before his singing career took off Presley used drugs in the military. After fame and success, the rock star, over time proceeded to have multiple addictions to multiple drugs, mostly prescribed by his personal physician Dr. George Nichopoulos. Presley died of a drug overdose on August 16, 1977.

Matthew Perry is another example of an "A" list celebrity having a prescription drug addiction. He suffered from Vicodin addiction and he needed to enter the rehab center to deal with it during the height of his "Friends" career in 1997.

Matthew Perry

A few other famous persons and celebrities on the list who are known to have suffered from prescription drug addictions include Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Keith Moon, Brittany Murphy, Tila Tequila, Melanie Griffith, Chaka Khan, Jerry Lewis, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears and Heath Ledger.

These are the known celebrities and famous stars who have dealt with or been done in by prescription drug addictions. Many others have died from short-term use of prescription medication via overdose and still many others have flown under the radar and have not have their addictions publicized.

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