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Famous Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

The top drug and alcohol rehab centers and treatment programs for celebrities and other famous people are listed below. Famous celebrities need drug rehab just like anyone else.

Famous Celebrity Rehab Centers
Celebrity Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

But, the treatment programs for celebrity drug addicts need to offer more privacy to fend off paparazzi and gawkers from interfering. Probably the most famous drug rehab center is the Betty Ford Center. The Betty Ford Center was made famous by the famous first lady and wife of President Gerald Ford. The famous Betty Ford Center is located in Rancho Mirage, California and attends to both drug addicts and alcoholics.

Some of the celebrities on our list who have gone into rehab at the Betty Ford's clinic include Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Urban and Chevy Chase. Daughter Susan Ford serves as Chairman of the Board at this celebrity rehab facility.

The Pasadena Recovery Center has been made famous by the filming of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew". Dr. Drew Pinsky, in his third season on the show facilitates the recovery for a handful of celebrities who are featured elsewhere among these pages.

The Cirque Lodge Treatment Center (pictured below) located in Orem, Utah has been the home to many celebrity drug addicts and famous alcoholics. The Cirque Lodge offers actually two treatment centers including the Lodge and the Studio which offer privacy plus a view of the nearby Sundance Ski Resort.

Some of the famous names on the list who have been at the Cirque Lodge include Eva Mendes and Lindsay Lohan. Actress Kirsten Dunst is also said to have been a resident for a while. Besides privacy, this famous rehab center offers expert diagnosis, experiential therapy, and Family Week when the client is ready.

Cirque Lodge Treatment Center

Promises, Promises ...

Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California is one of the top choices for celebrity drug addicts and those with alcohol addictions. Promises Malibu offers private drug and alcohol treatment within the panoramic confines of the Santa Monica Mountains enveloping the Pacific Ocean.

Some of the famous celebs on the list that have been guests include Diana Ross, Britney Spears, Robert Downy Jr., Mel Gibson, and Ben Affleck. This is one of the most expensive and famous celebrity rehab centers that Hollywood actors and actresses tend to gravitate towards.

The Passages Rehab Facility is a popular alternative for famous people and celebrities with drug and alcohol addictions. The Passages Malibu (and Ventura) Rehab Centers don't use the 12-step model of recovery or label clients as drug addicts or alcoholics.

Favorite Passages ...

Identifying the underlying causes, dual diagnostics and intensive one-on-one therapy is what Passages Malibu advocate for and delivers. Some of the celebs who have frequented this facility include David Hasselhoff, Polly Shore, Stephen Baldwin and Andy Dick. These last two have also been on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" at the Pasadena Recovery Center.

The Caron Foundation is a drug and alcohol treatment organization in Wernersville, Pennsylvania with a new facility opening in Texas in July 2010. The Caron Foundation helps treat both adults and adolescents, many of which who are wealthy, famous and of celebrity status.

While not as expensive as Passages or Promises, the Caron Foundation is more expensive than the Betty Ford Center. Some of the celebrities and notables who have made a stay at the Caron Foundation include Liza Minneli, Miss USA Tara Conner and Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith.

Celebrity Rehab Center
Passages Malibu Rehab Center

These are the most famous drug and alcohol rehab centers in the United States for those who have the money to attend them. For more privacy, many celebrities travel offshore to other countries to avoid the paparazzi and reputation management nightmares. But, this isn't advisable in all cases when family help plays a vital role in recovery. If there happens to be a famous rehab center we have missed, send it in and we'll take a look and see if this facility makes our top list.

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