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Famous Celebrity Recoveries

Famous celebrity recoveries from drug and alcohol addiction and abuse are few and far between. You know what they say about "once an addict, always and addict" and the same goes for alcoholics as well. But, be that as it may, there are some success stories among famous people and celebrities that are worth sharing.

Famous Celebrity Recoveries
Ray Charles (left) and Betty Ford (right)

The term "success" just means that the famous persons or celebrity addicts have maintained sobriety for a substantial amount of time. As with the other categories, the majority of the famous celebrity recoveries are from the Hollywood actors, actresses, musicians, comedians, athletes and politicians.

There are also a couple of famous people who have nothing to do with these industries. Take for instance, Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson (pictured below) who wrote the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. These two were not famous nor were they celebrities at the time they decided on their own alcohol addiction recoveries.

Bill Wilson

It Helps to Help ...

But, even with anonymity in place, both have become celebrities of the addiction recovery movement because of their own personal successes and for helping others in recovery as well.

Some of the famous musicians on our list who have had sustained recoveries from drugs and alcohol include names like Dr. John, Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night singer Chuck Negron, Joe Walsh and Ray Charles.

Sir Anthony Hopkins
A few of the Hollywood celebrities on the list who have managed to stay clean and sober include Robert Downey, Jr. Mariette Hartley and Malcolm McDowell. Celebrity comedians who have made recoveries include Richard Lewis, Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Sir Anthony Hopkins has managed to stay clean and sober for over 30 years now.

This brings us to the famous celebrity recoveries from drugs and alcohol for athletes. Some of the more notable athletes include Gerry Cooney and Dock Ellis. And this list of famous and celebrity recoveries would not be complete without a few politicians who need to stand and be counted.

Two of the most well-known are congressmen Jim Ramstad and Patrick Kennedy (we'll see since his recovery is still on the short side). Former Governor of Texas Ann Richards managed to stay sober for the last 25 years of her life. And perhaps the most famous modern day recovery story is not from a politician, but the former First Lady Betty Ford.

Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, opened up the Betty Ford Clinic in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. She was an inspiration to millions of people and continues to touch the lives of drug and alcohol addicts in a positive way.

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