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Famous Celebrities Who Died of Alcoholism or Drug Overdose

Well, it's happened for a long time, and even longer than you think, that celebrities and other famous people have died from either alcoholism or drug overdoses. In fact, two historical figures not only died from drug overdoses but died from assisted suicides as well.

Celebrity Dead Overdose
Michael Jackson

Did you know, for instance, that the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, after a lifelong usage of cocaine, died by assisted suicide by morphine overdose? Also, billionaire Howard Hughes died by physician administered overdose of codeine at "the highest clinical level ever recorded".

As with other drug or alcohol addictions among celebrities and other famous people the majority of the deaths that have made the headlines have occurred to actors, actresses and musicians.

Recently, the death of Michael Jackson is perhaps the most famous drug overdose. Of course, just before that the death of Anna Nicole Smith that also rocked the world with her death.

To a lesser extent, but no less missed by his family or friends, famous pitch man Billy Mays can still been seen on TV. And of course, Heath Ledger posthumously was given an Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance playing The Joker in the Batman (The Dark Knight) movie after dying of a drug overdose.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Since many celebrities have died over the years due to alcoholism or drug overdose, let's put a few more names on our list.

  Lenny Bruce
Janis Joplin
Jimmy Hendrix
Mamma Cass
Tommy Dorsey
John Entwistle
Chris Farley
John Belushi
Anna Nicole Smith
Cory Monteith
Judy Garland
Margaux Hemingway
Marilyn Monroe
Jim Morrison
Gram Parsons
River Phoenix
Ike Turner
Sid Vicious
Chris Kelly (rapper from Kris Kross)
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Of course this list of famous celebrities who have died of alcoholism or drugs is not complete. There are many we don't know about for various reasons including family privacy, media inattention and medical uncertainty.

Some famous people have died of multiple causes with alcohol or drugs being a contributing factor but not the main factor in the death. So, I've excluded these people from the list. If you know of another famous person or celebrity who has died of alcoholism or drugs, send it in. If we can confirm it, then we'll publish it here.

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