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Famous Celebrity Alcoholics

It's no secret that many professions such as Hollywood actor and actresses and musicians lend themselves to alcohol addiction. The temptations of the fast lane are too much for some people to handle. And, much of the time, it's not about temptation either as there is a biological component to any addiction.

Famous Celebrity Alcoholics
Sir Anthony Hopkins

Alcoholics have never quite understood problem drinkers and vice versa (heavy on the vice). Famous and celebrity alcoholics simply cannot stop drinking no matter how much they have to lose. Problem drinkers, on the other hand, can binge and stop and then binge again and sometimes go a long time without drinking.

This website isn't all about fallen heroes. It is about success stories as well that will inspire people and give them hope. And, I would like for you to take a little hope away from this site as well.

So, in that spirit let's start off with some of the success stories including famous celebrity recoveries from alcohol addiction. Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson who wrote the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous have to be at the top of the list. They both have contributed immensely to the recovery of other alcoholics as well as drug addicts.

First Lady Betty Ford

Forward Ford ...

And let's also include First Lady Betty Ford, who was one of the most famous alcoholics of all time, who turned her life around in a very public way (instead of trying to retain anonymity) and started a clinic in the desert to help thousands. Yet, through her words and deeds she has helped millions more in recovery.

Ann Richards, who was the former Governor of Texas, is another famous alcoholic who spent the last 25 years of her life sober. Famed actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has spent the last 30 year of his life (and counting) clean and sober. In addition, astronaut moon-walker Buzz Aldrin also has been clean from alcohol for over 30 years.

Now, not quite as inspiring as the aforementioned but still notable is celebrity comedian George Carlin who spent his life struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction and was sober for several years before succumbing to a heart attack.

Hold Your Horses ...

Since we've gone through the inspirational success stories its time to talk about the celebrity alcoholics and other famous people who haven't managed to put years of sobriety behind them yet.

Artist Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock, the famous painter, died an alcoholic so he was never able to overtake his illness. More recently, celebrities who have struggled with alcohol addiction include Britney Spears, David Hasselhoff, Mel Gibson, John Daly, Shia LaBeouf, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Nolte, Gary Busy, Tara Reid, Eva Mendes, Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson, Joe Namath, Josh Brolin, Rob Ford (Toronto Mayor), Nick Carter, Elizabeth Vargas, Oscar De La Hoya, Trace Adkins, Elizabeth Vargas, Colin Farrell and Robert Downey, Jr. (who has made many other lists upon these web pages).

Of course there are many other celebrity and famous alcoholics who have avoided the spotlight and either recovered or kept their alcoholism private from the media. If you know of the name of a famous person or celebrity alcoholic and have a reference (such as a website URL) so we can check out your source then send it in. We'll update this page as often as possible.

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