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Eminem Rehab
Relapse Recovery Drug Addiction

Rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is open to talking about drug and alcohol rehab in his lyrics in albums "Relapse" and "Recovery". Drugs and alcohol and the music industry seem to go hand in hand. It's no secret that thousands of rockers and rappers before Eminem have succumbed to the effects and lure of drugs and alcohol and it will continue to happen over and over again. The story seems to be as old as music itself and it seems odd that it can continue to rear its ugly head time and time again, but it does.

Eminem Relapse Recovery

The fact of the matter is that performances under the scrutiny of cameras, microphones, and a discerning and demanding public can lead to enormous amount of stress and this is often one of the common factors that individuals within the industry point to as being responsible, or at least causes, of drug and alcohol addiction.

Performing is a high

Performing on stage is a physically draining experience and one that offers a high that no other drug in life can offer. After nights on end of performing, it can be somewhat difficult, even stressful, to maintain that level of performance and energy. At first, someone may dismiss the benefits of drugs to their performance, but in time, they usually give in to the pressures and try it. Just once.

That one time leaves them with the feeling they once had, the feeling during and after the performance is something they want to continue to feel, and this is what begins that long road to addiction. Wanting to maintain a positive (or at least the illusion of being positive) feeling and they eventually need more and more to the point where they can't make it through a single day without.

This is what happens so many times and it is what happened to Marshall Mathers, a.k.a Eminem. Relapse and recovery are part of the ongoing yin-yang that so many experience when going through the process.

The battle is long and difficult

For Eminem, he recounts that his battle with drug addiction, which was predominantly prescription medication, was an up and down battle (thus the titles Relapse and Recovery). He would enter rehab, get clean, and then relapse once again. The problem for many of these people is that they go into rehab, go through the painful phases of withdrawal, and then re-enter the same atmosphere that led them to the addiction in the first place.

Surrounded by the same behaviors and history of drug use of his colleagues and friends, Eminem found himself tripping back down that slippery slope into addiction relatively easily. For most addicts, recovery is simply not possible until the person reaches a moment within his or her life where they want to overcome their addiction. Sometimes this is the result of an overdose that nearly costs their life. For others, it could be witnessing a once flourishing career fizzle out and their circle of 'friends' disappear like so many rats on a sinking ship.

Slim Shady's John ...

For others, like Eminem, it could be a combination, but it also requires the help of someone who has been through the same situation. For Eminem, that person was Elton John. The two formed an unusual friendship (considering some of the rapper's seemingly anti-gay lyrics) and Eminem was able to finally overcome his addiction, get clean and stage his recovery.

He is making new albums again and living the life he dreamed he would.

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