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Famous Drug Dealers

Actors, models and sports stars all head up the list of famous drug dealers and celebrities accused and arrested for dealing drugs. The actors include Tim Allen, Sam Jones III and Adam Jasinski. The model includes Angie Sanclemente and the sports star is Chris Houston.

Famous Celebrity Drug Dealers
Angie Sanclemente and Tim Allen (left to right)

The first celebrity drug dealer of record is Tim Allen who was arrested in 1978 and served time for drug dealing and conspiracy. Allen spent 2 ½ years in prison after he was caught with 1.4 pounds of cocaine. In 1997, Allen was charged with drunk driving by going 70 mph in a 40 mph zone.

The star of Smallville Sam Jones III was arrested in late October 2009 for dealing large quantities including trafficking of oxycodone pills. Jones is faced with a maximum 20 year sentence if convicted.

Also in late October 2009, Big Brother 9 winner Adam "Baller" Jasinski was charged with being a celebrity drug dealer. The Drug Enforcement Agency said they caught Jasinski trying to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to undercover agents.

Colombian model Angie Sanclemente is currently on the lamb for being a drug queen in the South American country known for its drug trade. Hailing from Barranquilla, Colombia, Sanclemente at age 20 won the prestigious Queen of Coffee beauty pageant. From there she moved on to be the country's top model and is now on South America's "Most Wanted" list.

Houston, We Have a Problem ...

Australian soccer star soccer star Chris Houston was arrested in early March 2010 on three charges of selling ecstasy and one charge of selling cocaine. This comes three months after his former teammate and roommate Danny Wicks was arrested on similar charges.

Lights, Action, Cameron ...

Michael Douglas's son Cameron is another famous drug dealer. In January 2010, Cameron Douglas pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic methamphetamines. He later pleaded guilty to heroin possession charges after his girlfriend tried to smuggle the drug into him while he was in jail.

Cameron Douglas

Jonathan Ajar became famous himself by stealing from celebrities. Drug dealer Jonathan Ajar, known as "Johnny Dangerous" was convicted in the headline-making "Bling Ring" case. Ajar targeted thefts from the homes of Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Ashley Tisdale Rachel Bilson, Brian Austin Green and Audrina Patridge. Whom Ajar sold the drugs to was never disclosed.

Rapper and actor 50 Cent admitted during the documentary "How to Make Money Selling Drugs" that he used to be a dealer in his old neighborhood. And comedian Bill Maher diclosed in his TV show that he used to sell pot while in college (and short-change customers).

Bill Maher

This is but a small list of famous and celebrity drug dealers. With all of the drugs flowing around Hollywood, the music and modeling scenes there are sure to be more that have not made the headlines yet. This page will be updated as more come to light.

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