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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is known to many as the modern day Shirley Temple. She began her memorable acting career in the Steven Spielberg thriller, E. T. as Gertie, an adorable 6-year old. Born into a family dripping with stardom, Barrymore was the daughter of a famous Shakespearean performing father and an aspiring actress mother. Just around the corner would be alcohol and drug addiction.

Drew Barrymore

Drowning Child

Brought up by her mother, Barrymore got to experience a grown-up's life at a very young age. Clubs, parties and drugs were all part of the exposure for Young Barrymore. She had her first drink of alcohol at just nine years-old, smoked her first joint at 10 and fell in love with cocaine at age 12. By 13, she considered herself an "addict-alcoholic."

Ditching school with friends to smoke pot and drink beer was her pastime of choice. She loved the way alcohol would help take away her pain and depression, but hated the way it made her "sicker than a dog" in the morning. When she first tried cocaine, she felt like screaming, "Eureka from the mountain tops!" She had found her thing. Cocaine was quick and gave her endless confidence. But she found out too late that it also made her "crazy".

Even though her life was plagued by depression and thoughts of suicide, Barrymore still continued to work, filming movies like, Far From Home amidst a short stint in rehab. She did return to rehab after filming, where she dealt with things like her relationship with her estranged father and her clueless mother, as well as dealing with stardom at a young age.

When she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists at age 14, she later admitted that she was trying to get attention from her mom. ASAP Family Clinic, the rehab facility where she had all her treatment, set tight boundaries with Barrymore, scheduling her for two sessions of group therapy a day as well as giving her school lessons. Even though she was able to keep up her school in rehab, Barrymore never finished high school.

Drew Barrymore on Beach

Fighting To Get Up

To continue to rollercoaster lifestyle, Barrymore felt that her mother was a primary reason she was falling back into her addictions. And by age 15, she had gone to court to be emancipated from Jaid Barrymore. It was then, that Drew Barrymore began to make her comeback.

With the paramount success of her autobiography, "Little Girl Lost", Barrymore began her slow, but empowering climb out of the black hole of addiction. With the worst behind her, she began to take acting roles that would soon become her genre of choice: RomComs, or Romantic Comedies.

In 1996 starring in Everyone Says I Love You, followed by The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, Barrymore had found her niche.

Now, married, Barrymore says that she will be truthful to her children about how she lived her life. She will explain how she lacked guidance and has vowed to give her children a completely different lifestyle.

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