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Courtney Love's Drug Addictions

Courtney Love cannot seem to stay out of the news headlines. Unfortunately the former rocker and widow of Kurt Cobain has not gotten very positive press because of her drug addictions. The 90's rocker and founder of Hole had some success as an actress as well. She has been linked to heroin use among other substances. She was so bad off at one point she lost custody of her and Cobain's daughter. Her daughter was put in foster care.

Courtney Love

Courtney (born Courtney Harrison) headed to LA in 1989 after teaching herself to play guitar. Love put an ad in a newspaper stating she wanted to start a band and recruited her lead guitarist for Hole and assigned her next door neighbor as the drummer.
Childhood Influences

Love was born to a psychotherapist mom and a father that was a manager for the Grateful Dead for a short period of time. Her mother and father divorced when Love was 5 years old and her father lost all custody rights after her mother filed a court petition accusing her father of feeding Love LSD.

She relocated to Oregon with her mother and lived in a commune. Her mother remarried, had 2 more daughters and then divorced again moving to New Zealand. Love was sent back to live with her step father in Oregon at the age of 13. She was caught shop lifting a T Shirt was sent to a juvenile detention center and things quickly went downhill from there for her.

She was released from the juvenile detention center and her step father refused to take her back so she was put in the foster care system where she bounced around until she was 16 and emancipated herself. She went to work as a stripper (illegally by telling the manager she was 18) and her drug woes began. She has said in interviews that she had been smoking pot since she was 10 but things escalated when she started stripping.

She traveled the world thanks to a trust fund that was granted by her grandparents. Love went to school for several semesters in England and moved back and forth between the United States and England. She attended college in San Francisco, Oregon and England but never finished a degree. The time she spent in England in school she studied theology but wound up getting kicked out for showing up high to class.

Through Out the Years

Courtney worked hard to make her name for herself in music and received both critical acclaim and realized some commercial success. She even went on to make some films like the People V Larry Flint. Her success was always derailed though by her drug addictions. Several stints in rehab left her drug free but the pull was always too great and she would wind right back where she started with a needle in her arm.

Heroin was not her only drug addiction. Courtney has stated that when she was on crack her math aptitude greatly improved thanks to the cocaine derivative.

Time with Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love first met Seattle grunge rocker Kurt Cobain in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. Love admitted to having a crush on Cobain from the start, but the male rocker did not reciprocate for many months. On February 24, 1992, Love and Cobain got married on at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

On August 18, 1992, the couple's daughter Frances Bean Cobain was born. Because of allegations of drug use by both Love and Cobain, Frances, at 2-weeks-old was taken away by the courts and placed with Courtney Love's sister for several weeks. Months later the couple would be granted full custody of their daughter.

For the next two years Love and Cobain would struggle with drugs and fame. The coroner estimated that Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994 due to a gunshot wound. Courtney Love, in an interview with Barbara Walters, said the she blamed herself for Cobain's death, especially an intervention that Love arranged approximately 2 weeks before Cobain took his own life, which she thinks pushed him over the top.

Today …

Today, Courtney Love states she is clean and sober, living in NY and going forward with her music and her life.

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