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Famous Cocaine Addicts

The list of famous cocaine addicts include actors, writers, musicians, models and even a world-renowned psychologist. In case you're wondering who the world famous celebrity psychologist is who used cocaine, it is Sigmund Freud. This list also includes anyone famous who drank Coca Cola up until 1903 when cocaine was removed as an ingredient in the not so secret formula.

Famous Cocaine Addicts
Whitney Houston

The famous cocaine addicts that are actors and actresses include Yasmine Bleeth, Gary Busey, Drew Barrymore, Whitney Houston, Robert Downey, Jr., Daniel Baldwin, Jeff Conaway, Tawny Kitaen and Mackenzie Phillips. Yasmine Bleeth was best known for her role in the TV show "Baywatch". After leaving drug rehab, Bleeth was charged for possession of cocaine.

Gary Busey has made headlines many times over his career for both alcohol and cocaine abuse. In 1995 Busey almost died from an overdose of cocaine and GHB. Drew Barrymore started is one of the most famous cocaine addicts who started in childhood. At 12-years-old Barrymore started snorting cocaine.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Down, Down, Downey ...

Robert Downey, Jr., started smoking marijuana when he was six years old as he was surrounded by drugs in the home. Besides having a cocaine addiction, Downey is also one of the most famous heroin addicts spending time in both prison and rehab for repeated offenses. Downey has also been one of the most famous recoveries to date.

Daniel Baldwin, one of the famous Baldwin brothers of Hollywood, has been battling cocaine addiction since 1989. In 1998, Baldwin was arrested for possession of cocaine after running naked through New York City's Plaza Hotel.

Jeff Conaway (deceased), one of the stars of the TV show "Taxi" has been one multiple seasons of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." Conaway has stated that he has over 40 years worth of addiction to deal with including cocaine and the roots of the problem started with childhood trauma then an incident that has left him with chronic back pain.

Jeff Conaway

Tawny Kitaen is known for her movie with Tom Hanks "Bachelor Party" and for various White Snake videos she's appeared on plus various sitcoms. Kitaen was arrested in 2006 for possession of cocaine and has been in rehab along with anger management classes. Reality TV food critic Anthony Bourdain has talked openly about his cocaine and heroin addictions.

One Day at a Time ...

Mackenzie Phillips was arrested in 2008 at the Los Angeles International Airport for possession of cocaine. One of the stars of TV show "One Day at a Time" (note the irony) this celebrity cocaine addict has made a recent disclosure that part of the root of her drug problems comes from an adult incestuous relationship (starting in childhood) with her father, John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas.

The two most notable celebrity cocaine addicts who are musicians include Whitney Houston and Eddie Van Halen. Whitney Houston (along with Bobby Brown) is one of the largest celebrity pop divas to be associated with cocaine abuse. Houston has been in and out of rehab for over a decade and her sister-in-law claims she's addicted to Crack and has OD'ed several times.

Eddie Van Halen, like many users, has been linked to several drugs of choice including cocaine, methamphetamines and alcohol. While buying cocaine on the street laced with meth, the methamphetamines started to take over as the drug of choice though coke was still being used.

The most famous cocaine addict who is a model is Kate Moss. Kate Moss is known as a supermodel who helped to pioneer the "heroin chic" look in fashion. Moss' drug of choice, however was cocaine and in 2005, a photographer for the London Daily Mirror took pictures of her snorting a line, but charges were dropped for inadmissible evidence.

Kate Moss

Kings of Coke ...

The two celebrity cocaine addicts who are writers include Stephen King and Robert Louis Stevenson. For around nine years the horror story novelist was addicted to cocaine and he cannot remember writing a couple of his books while under the influence.

Robert Louis Stevenson is one of the oldest known celebrity cocaine addicts. Stevenson wrote "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" in six days and nights while hopped up on cocaine.

A few additions to this list would be John Belushi (deceased), Marion Barry, Naomi Campbell, Kirstie Alley, John Entwistle, River Phoenix, Ike Turner, Bo Bice, Chuck Berry, Bobby Hatfield, Lamar Odom, Notorious B.I.G., Rob Ford (crack smoking mayor of Toronto), Demi Lovato and George Michael.

John Belushi

This is but a short list of famous cocaine addicts. This is by no means an exhaustive example of celebrity cocaine addicts and users, only a few who have made headlines.

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