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Britney Spears Drug Addiction Rehab History

Britney Spears became one of the most influential pop stars in recent memory with her hit singles and sometimes provocative music videos. Her rise from Disney starlet to international sensation placed her front and center in front of the entire world and that world is often an unforgiving place for many young people.

Britney Spears Addiction
Britney Spears

The behavior of Britney Spears began to be seen as obscure and eventually downright dangerous for many of those people who were close to her. It seems that after her short-lived relationship with fellow teen heartthrob, Justin Timberlake, her life began to unravel as she surrounded herself with people who either had a vested interest in her fame and fortune, or only wanted to tag along with the party wagon as long as they could.

The Warning Signs ...

The earliest indications that Britney Spears was slipping down a long trail that so many have fallen before her was uncharacteristic behavior. Perhaps the most famous of these instances was what some in the sensationalist media have dubbed the 'underwear-gate' when Britney was caught climbing into a car one night out on the town and showed the world that she wasn't wearing anything underneath her skirt.

While some would find this behavior less than scandalous, especially given the current state of affairs around the world, for the girl who was still, at that time, closely tied with Disney, it was an eye-opening experience (forgive the pun). When she married Kevin Federline, and had children with him, and then subsequently divorced him, revelations began to surface about her actual drug addictions and other behavioral issues.

Back to Rehab (Oops I Did It Again ...)

Britney Spears has been in and out of rehab time and time again. Promises Rehabilitation Clinic in Malibu is one of the common destinations for celebrity addicts and Britney Spears is no different. However, her tale takes a bizarre twist when it comes to Promises. It was reported from anonymous sources that while Britney was at the rehab facility, she attempted to commit suicide and was going on and on about how she was the anti-Christ. This bizarre behavior highlights the circumstances that some celebrities find themselves in when dealing with drug addiction.

Some therapists have extrapolated that Britney suffers from some mental disease (such as bipolar disorder), but to get into a diagnosis would be impossible without direct observation. When an individual is diagnosed with some mental disorder, then the drug and alcohol addiction seems to tie in more readily, and make a bit more sense.

Private I's ...

When average individuals suffer from mental disorders, they can go on about their lives in some measure of peace, and deal with the ups and downs of the behavior. For Britney Spears and celebrities like her, that privacy is forfeited, for the most part, as a condition of their incredible fame and fortune.

Britney Spears is attempting to make a comeback and, as is the case with so many comebacks, is fraught with peril. It is being reported lately that she may be addicted to more than just cocaine and ecstasy now, as she has been spotted almost regularly with lollipops in her mouth. Lollipops can contain marijuana or even morphine for drug addicts.

The Britney Spears story isn't over yet. The saga continues.

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