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Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the most recognizable faces in show business today, whether on screen or on stage. From roles in horror and suspense films, to powerful parts in some of the most emotional drams of our age, Hopkins is synonymous with fantastic acting. However, this was not always the case.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

At one point in his life, Hopkins felt as if he was squandering his life away on alcohol. He felt useless, hopeless, and was more than troubled. But how did he overcome his struggle with addiction? Read on to find out more about Hopkins' transformation to the man we all respect today.

Struggling with Alcohol

Hopkins struggled for years with alcoholism. Sometime in the 1960s, Hopkins became extremely addicted to and dependent upon alcohol. The actor admits to feeling like a failure in his early stage and film career. This feeling of failure dredged up pain from his past, pain which the star tried desperately to end with the help of a bottle.

He soon found that his self-medication had exploded into substance abuse, and he felt there was little he could do to help himself. He even began drinking on the sets of movies he was acting in, began to get a bad reputation as an actor because of his alcoholism, and likely may have lost some important roles because of his readily spreading reputation as an addict.

How Hopkins Overcame His Addiction

At some point, Hopkins realized that his addiction had spiraled so far out of control that he could no longer recall what he had done the night previous. In the 1970s, Hopkins began to actively seek treatment for his addiction. He began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and would speak to other former and fellow addicts about his struggles.

Anthony Hopkins in the Movie Silence of the Lambs

While there, he asked others for advice. One of the fellow attendees of the meetings urged Hopkins to help others, believing that if someone helped others overcome issues, they could, in-turn, have a better chance of overcoming their own struggles. Hopkins latched onto this idea, and began volunteering at homeless shelters.

He would pass out meals, presents on holidays, and even gave acting classes. This volunteering, teaching, and mentoring, paired with a renewed relationship with God, helped Hopkins to overcome his addiction to alcohol. He has now been sober for years, and has experienced massive success.

Hopkins' Life since Winning His Battle

Since winning this battle with addiction, Hopkins has experienced astronomical success as an actor on both the stage and the screen. There is no doubt that this struggle helped to make him the successful man he is today. Hopkins has starred in many movies, won numerous awards, and has become the recognizable face we all know since the 1970s. Who is to say that if Hopkins would have continued down the road of addiction, we would know him at all? It is very likely that Hopkins would have never become famous if he would not have overcome his addiction.

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