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Anna Nicole Smith Prescription Drug Addiction

Anna Nicole Smith was a former Playboy model whose apparent lust for fame led her in and out of the public eye with an almost uncanny regular cycle. When she married a billionaire five decades older than her, she was labeled a 'gold digger' and when the lawsuit over his fortune upon his death went to court, she was hounded by those accusations, though she adamantly denied them.

Anna Nicole Smith Addiction
Anna Nicole Smith

Her inner circle held control

Anna Nicole Smith's inner circle of protectorates, such as her close friends and lawyers, did well to manage her public affairs and her image. There are reports that have surfaced since her death about her alcohol and drug addiction problems, but during her life, most of these claims were met with denial and counter-accusations from her legal entourage. One need only look through the archives of her television footage and photo shoots to see possible evidence that something was going on.

Her weight gain and then sudden weight loss was one of the most stunning, and stirring images of proof that she had some kind of addiction problem, whether it was to food, alcohol, drugs, or more. As the trial of her death moves forward, with several physicians and her personal lawyer standing trial, a great deal more about her personal life is beginning to surface.

Apparently, Anna Nicole Smith had been addicted to prescription medications for many years, as well as her son, Daniel, who died in her hospital room when he was 21, just after she had given birth to her daughter. Daniel is reported to have died from a drug overdose as well.

Many people have speculated, as her lawyer who is on trial, Howard Stern, has indicated that the death of her son was so devastating to her that she fell into a deeper depression and began to rely more heavily on prescription medications to get through each day.

The failure to help

It is at this moment in time when people can turn back and look to those around her and ask the most obvious question: if they knew she had a problem with prescription drugs, then why did not one of them seek to find her the help that she could have benefited from? One of the major theories has to do with money. The case about the billionaire's estate was still in limbo and there were questions about whether she would actually come into that money or not.

Some speculate that Anna Nicole Smith was allowed, possibly even encouraged, to remain addicted to the drugs in order to keep some measure of control over her. Others speculate that once her son died, she couldn't bear the loss and simply gave up.

Whatever the case, she never openly admitted to an addiction and apparently didn't seek any kind of rehab for it.



Anna Nicole Smith died February 8, 2007.

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