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Amy Winehouse Rehab Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Amy Winehouse became the tabloid fodder of 2006 through 2008 when her continual erratic and destructive behavior was front and center throughout many UK papers and other publications. Nearly every picture of her showed her with either a drink or a cigarette, or both, in hand. A noted chain smoker, Amy Winehouse was also reported to be a heavy smoker of crack cocaine.

Amy Winehouse Rehab
Amy Winehouse

Her father, Mitch Winehouse, has been one of the most consistent and persistent individuals in her life who have been fighting to help her get over her addictions and has stated to the media the true nature and severity of her drug and alcohol addiction.

Rehab with the revolving door

As is the case with many celebrities and rehab, Amy Winehouse has been in and out of several different clinics and the results always seem to be the same. Once she is back out, she returns to the hard life of partying and doing drugs that she knew from the outset. Even legal troubles couldn't seem to keep this British rocker from gravitating toward drugs and alcohol and while under house arrest, was photographed with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in another.

Many people will point to that and say that she was of legal age for both and that they aren't controlled substances. The problem with that reasoning when it comes to addicts is that the behavior is usually the trigger to other behaviors, such as smoking crack cocaine.

Her father has even indicated during several rehab attempts that she is taking a step back, but things are progressing well enough. Whether this is denial from a loved one who desperately wants to see his daughter survive and live a healthy and happy life or is a realistic account will only be measured through time.

Health troubles

Aside from Amy Winehouse's legal and marital troubles that were also front and center in the media for a significant period of time, her health began to show serious deterioration and warning signs from her years of hard living, even at her young age. It was reported in 2008 that her lung capacity was at 70-percent as a result of the chain smoking and crack smoking that she had done for a large portion of her adult life. She was characterized as someone who would die young if she didn't get control of her life and kick her addiction once and for all.

She entered rehab once more and spent a significant amount of time on the island of St. Lucia. Upon her return, she had gained weight and her complexion was much better than it had been in years. Her professional career, however, is still waiting to grow legs once again.

In fact, she has been dropped from one project after another in the past year and a half for simply not 'being around.' When a celebrity's life is at stake, sometimes the surroundings need to change and if that means she gives up her career in music and touring to avoid the temptations, then that may be the healthiest road to take in the end.


Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning July 23, 2011.

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