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Famous & Celebrity
Drug Addicts

The purpose at this place is to show that famous, celebrity drug addicts and notable chronic users are human and are hit with addiction just like everyone else. The purpose here is not to shame, smear or otherwise hurt the reputation of famous people and celebrities.


The intent of this site is to show that addiction knows no social-economic boundaries. Rich and famous people, celebrities, powerful corporate leaders, powerful government leaders, the middle class and poorer classes are all affected by drug and alcohol addiction and must deal with it accordingly. This may mean attending rehab, 12-step groups, medical attention and other forms of treatment.

Some may say that drugs, alcohol and addiction are a private matter and should remain private. And this is true. The information that we will talk about here regarding notable addicts is what has been published publicly and is available to anyone seeking to know the public side of these matters.

It can be argued that celebrities are different than other people in that there is less of an expectation of privacy. But, this website is not a cheap tabloid devoted to peeking into windows. When we talk about famous addicts and drug users, particularly the ones in rehab, our hope is that others who aren't in the limelight won't feel so isolated.

Hope Not Dope ...

Doing drugs and alcohol can be a very isolating experience for the addict. "No one knows what I'm going through" is an often heard expression from those struggling with addiction. But if a famous person is going through a similar crisis, then this gives others hope that if they can go through this, then so can I.

People feel naturally connected to actors and actresses in the spotlight they see in the movie theatres and on TV. Many are naturally curious about how they live their lives. That is why there are so many popular entertainment shows on television.

Recent Deaths Due to Drugs

Note: Since putting this website up in March 2010, five famous addicts have passed away including (listed left to right) Rodney King, Amy Winehouse, Jeff Conaway and Whitney Houston. And as of August 11, 2014 Robin Williams has passed, too. Our condolences to their families and friends.

When a famous person falls from the pedestal we put them upon they feel more human to us (sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way). But knowing who the celebrities with addictions are, we instantly have a connection if we are going through rehab ourselves (or know someone who is).

This can help in several ways. First it can inspire hope that if so-and-so can do this, so can I. Second, it is a cautionary tale about not doing drugs and alcohol in the first place. You don't want to end up like so-and-so do you? And, third it is a call to action. Look at so-and-so. This looks like me (or you) and I need to get help (or get you help).

It Can Happen to Anyone, at Any Time ...

So the benefits of talking about celebrity drug addicts and famous people with addictions are many. The notable people themselves are not generally shamed because drug addiction can happen to anyone at anytime in any household across the country.

Drug addiction is a medical condition first and a psychological condition second. We don't shame those with diabetes for being diabetic do we? No, we offer treatment and understanding. And in these pages you'll find information on both.

Some Other Notable Celebrity Drug Users

Celebrity Drug Addicts

Photos from left to right: Kate Moss (living), Kurt Cobain (dead), Mackenzie Phillips (living)


Updated October 07, 2015

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